About the Founder

About the Founder

Kim Pullen

Thriving in a 29-year marriage that was once traumatized by adultery and a four-year separation, Kim started Hope for Spouses in 2018 to share hope and healing with spouses who feel isolated due to sexual sin in their relationship, but don’t know how or where to begin their journey.

The eldest child of two Marines, Kim grew up in Miami, Florida, and became a Christian in the campus ministry at Broward Community College in 1981. She received her Bachelor’s in Telecommunications with a minor in Theater at the University of Florida in 1985.

She wrote and directed, Table for Two, an ensemble stage play about adultery, sexual addiction, abuse, recovery, and grace for the 2013 Florida Discipleship Conference. She is a freelance writer, novelist, speaker, blogger, poet, and actress. Her books, The Intimacy Manifesto, The Chasm Crosser, and Water for the Wound, are available from Amazon. She is also the creative director and life coach for Isolation to Intimacy, an online recovery program for spouses in the wake of their partner’s sexual sin.

Besides coaching wives in betrayal recovery, Kim assists her husband (Russ) in running Handy Helping Hands and 3H Thrift Shop, a Western North Carolina service organization to help the disadvantaged have safe and dignified homes. She lives in Sylva, NC with Russ and two of their three children.